From classic films such as 'The Deer Hunter' and 'The Killing Fields' to blockbuster hits like 'The Hangover Part II”, Thailand has proven itself again and again as a favourite location for international film-makers.

Directors including Werner Herzog, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Wong Kar-Wai, Luc Besson, Michael Cimino, and George Lucas have created some of their finest work in Thailand.

Whether filming scenes of jungle warfare, beach paradise, rural life in the stunning mountain scenery, or even hectic city life, Thailand can provide the backgrounds to bring a film-maker's vision to life.

But Thailand is much more than just a pretty location. Of equal importance to a production is finding an international level of crew, facilities and equipment.

Whether your production requires the latest digital cameras, large lighting setups, drone cinematography or cutting-edge post-production facilities, Thai companies have invested in modern technology.

Thai crews are legendary, for their speed, cost-efficiency and co-operative nature.

But perhaps most important of all is 'experience'. A producer filming in Thailand can be confident that he can expect an infrastructure and production environment that has developed and honed its skills over many years, and can adapt itself to the working methods and creative styles of film-makers from any region.

Increasingly, film-makers are coming to Thailand for studio-work, green-screen scenes, and post-production services. Thailand is the perfect balance of quality and value.

The Thailand Film Office is the body appointed by the Thai government Department of Tourism to oversee international film production in Thailand, and to assist film-makers to find the right local services and make the most of their time in Thailand.

Come see for yourself why Thailand has a reputation for being one of the most film-friendly countries in the world.

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