Sing Buri is well known for abundant river fish, particularly the Mae La catfish, and for the lively annual boat races during which competitors from the province and beyond vie for the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Trophy.
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Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi Worawihan
Inside the Wihan (or image hall), a large reclining Buddha image is enshrined. This beautiful Sukhothai-styled Buddha image is almost 50 meters long and faces the north. The other two Buddha images are Phra Kan, a gilded stone image, and Phra Kaeo, a seated image in the diamond throne posture. The two sacred images have beautiful features.
Maenam Noi Kiln
Maenam Noi Kilns can be found along 2 -kilometer bank of Maenam Noi river. All of them consists of more than 200 kilns, some has been dilapidated as time passes, some has been destroyed with unawareness of the authority who irrigated the canal and built up the roads passing this area.
Wat Phra Prang Muni
Once the visitors arrive at this temple, they will see the remarkably gold color reflecting the sunlight. The pagoda is tall and large in a square shape but is slender at the top. It is said that this temple is lively and has many interesting things to visit. If there are any chances, the visitors should not miss visiting this temple. It is also open as a place for practicing the Dharma.
Wat Phra Prang
This temple compound has a number of religious and historic sights to enjoy. Within the temple compound, there is the Phra Prang (or corn-shaped pagoda), constructed in the style of the early Ayutthaya era. The 15-meter high pagoda has a low base and a hollow chamber. The interior was once covered in murals, though they have faded and are no longer visible. At the back, there is an ancient Wihan (or image hall) in the Ayutthaya style, with a lion-figured wood-carved gable and eaves brackets.