Satun is a quiet southern province known primarily by travelers for its spectacular if infrequently visited islands, particularly Koh Lipe and Koh Tarutao.

Tarutao National Park consists of 7 big islands which are Tarutao Island, Ardang Island, Rawee Island, Lipe Island, Klang Island, Batuang Island, Biszee Island which are divided into 2 main islands which are Tarutao Islands and Ardang-Rawee Islands. It is the dream destination of the tourists since it is the center of the nature both inland and underwater. Under the water, it is the center of beautiful sea creatures including colourful corals. It consists of 51 small islands.
PhuPhaPetch Cave is the largest cave in Thailand and is ranked as the worlds 4th largest cave. The cave is exceedingly spacious and has got extremely high ceiling. The cave is beautifully adorned by natures gift, stalagmites and stalactites, which were formed since the Permian Period. As of stalactites, there are 4 types seen including dome shaped, jellyfish shaped, curtain form and the column in cavern. The column in cavern is seen in several places throughout the cave.
The prominent features of Koh Lipe are natural coral reefs, beauty of a vast open bay, and a powdered-sand beach. Ao Phattaya is a beautiful bay in a curved shape with a white fine beach. Within a 15-minute walking, you can connect to another beach of the island such as Hat Chao Le or Chao Le Beach. During the festive time, the villagers will built a boat from Rakam wood and perform a ceremony to float the boat, according to their belief in the prediction of their fishing.
KohHinNgamis small island on the south of Adangisland. The island is full of black shiny rocks. In the center is the forest. Although other islands are famous for their white sand beach, KohHinNgamis still the most outstanding island with no sand in Satun province. It is believed that whoever takes any rocks from the island will be cursed by the island guardian spirit called Chao Pho Tarutao, but those who can make a tower with 12 rocks, their wishes will come true.