The land of elegant palaces, a magnificent royal garden, Koh Krets famous pottery, notably old and beautiful temples, delicious durian, and a gorgeous city hall.

Koh Kret
There is much history and culture concentrated in this tiny island, based in Nonthaburi, which reached its heyday during the Ayutthaya period. The island is manmade, created from a canal dug between two curves in the Chao Phraya River. Its temples have luckily retained the Ayutthaya era style. Most of the residents are descendants of the minority Mon hill tribe people
Wat Amphawan
WatAmphawan, originating from the late Ayutthaya period, was previously called Wat Bang Muang. The most striking feature of the ancient temple is its wooden scripture hall, which stands in the middle of a pond. This model example of Thai architecture has two rooms in all. Some of the features of the hall are wooden bars, a two-tiered roof covered with earthen tiles and woodcarving with exquisite designs.The entrance door is primed with gold leaves, the window pane dividers, or mullions, are crafted into flowers and gourds, above the doors are birds on each side, and beyond them the radiant sun and moon are depicted.
Wat Rat Prakhong Tham
The highlight of the temple is a huge reclining Buddha image that is 32 m long, which is the biggest reclining Buddha image in Nonthaburi that is a sacred item along with Wat Rat Prakhong Tham. In addition, there are also queer pediments from other temples because they are hermit, the Genesha and Rahu images, which are very exquisitely delicate on four sides.
Bang Rak Noi Agritourism
The centre allows visitors to see a preserved durian orchard aged over a hundred years.The Durian Non, literally the durian from Nonthaburi, has long been famous. As the soil in Nonthaburi Province is fertile silt deposited by rivers, different kinds of fruits grown in this area, particularly the durian, taste good. Unlike the durian from other regions, the Durian Non is sweet and buttery in texture. Anyone who tries it will love it. This makes it so well-known that it has become one of the provinces symbols.