An ancient city with a hospitable population famed for its beautiful women, Lamphun retains its old-world charm and draws visitors to its natural beauty.

The Khun Than mountain range of the DoiKhun Than National Park forms a natural boundary between the northern Lamphun and Lampang provinces. Within the park is the longest rail tunnel in the country, 1.35 kilometers long, taking 5 minutes to traverse. Virgin jungles and pine forests fill the park, and a beautiful view awaits visitors at the end of a hike up the summit of the mountain.
Doi Khamor holy pool is situated nearby the area of Doi Khamor. Visitors need to climb up the 1749 stair cases up there which will take you an hour to go up there. There is as well Buddhas footprint lies up there on the mountain which was built in 1927. One of the most interesting points of the place is that there is a visitors book placed up there and somehow we can found out that there are lots of visitors come up here to this little area just because they believe in the holy of the place.
Considered as one of the finest temples in the province, Wat Phra That ha Duang possesses many stunning architecture. The iconic attraction of the temple is the 5 pagodas. The gate is an arch gate decorated with beautiful mirrors. In the temple compound, apart from the 5 pagodas, the most outstanding building is the vihara called Vihara Kao Kruba, decorated with golden mural paintings and located near the parking lot
Karens living in the area have got a simple lifestyle regarding the Plong way of life; simple eating & Simple living. Male villagers take on rice planting, hunting and gathering and farming as their main occupation while the women adopt the stereotypical patriarchal lifestyle of being mothers and keeping the home in good condition. They also weave and produce handicrafts. The Payagor have got their significant way of dressing, as they weave their own clothes and still continue that tradition today. The people wear traditional costumes which can indicate a persons marital status. A female wearing a long red skirt with colourful hoops, decorated with their own handicrafts indicates they are married while on the other hand, single females tend to wear long white gowns adored with artistic designs. As of males, they will wear red traditional shirts and sarong.