A city of historical strategic importance, Kamphaeng Phet is now a charming, quiet province with many interesting natural and cultural attractions.

Hill Tribe Silverware Handicraft Center
Hill Tribe Silverware Handicraft Center is located at 42nd kilometre marker in Moo 9 Baan Khlong Toei, Khlong Laan Umphang road, Tambon Khlong Laan Pattana, Khlong Laan District, Kamphaeng Phet. This centre sells silverware handicrafts of Yao tribesmen such as necklaces, earrings, and rings.
Khamphaeng Phet Historical Park
KHAMPHAENG PHET HISTORICAL PARK is comprised of a diverse array of ancient monuments. A common aesthetic runs through the various ruins, which include temples, pagodas and fallen towns, resulting in a beautiful blend of contemporary Sukhothai and Ayutthaya styles. Also noteworthy is the variety of materials used at each site: the eastern bank is home to larger architecture built with laterite in contrast to the smaller, brick-made monuments in the west banks Nakhon Chum town.
Mae Wong National Park
Nearly 900 square kilometers of verdant jungles, rich in flora and fauna, make up the Mae Wong National Park.The park lies adjacent to the KhlongLan National Park and the HuaiKhaKhaeng Wildlife Sanctuary in UthaiThani. Rare elephants, gaurs, tigers and birds like the hornbill and kingfisher have staked their claim on the parks lands. Visitors can relax at Chong Yen, a scenic spot atop a cliff, perfect for enjoying a constant breeze and a sunset.
WatPhra Si Iriyabot or WatPhra Yuen
WatPhra Si Iriyabot, or WatPhra Yuen, as it is dubbed by locals, is a local monastery fronted by an expansive pond. Vertical sandstone slabs make up the walls of this religious site, decorated on both sides with Buddha images. The images depict each of the four most important attitudes or stances: reclining, walking, standing, and sitting.