Chonburi is a popular coastal province for weekend warriors from Bangkok who seek the nearest escape; Chonburi, which has something for everyone, rarely fails to disappoint.

A low hillock situated between Ang Sila district and Bang Saen beach is a good spot to see the panoramic view of Chonburi sea. The Sam Muk named was believed to come from a tragic love story between a young lady named Sam Muk who decided to end her life after she couldnt marry to the man she love. This hilltop is also a home for a group of wild monkey as well.
A charming seaside-fishing village situated approximately 5 kilometers from Chonburi City center. People here are famous in fishing where visitors can come to buy dried and fresh seafood in cheap price. Apart from the market, visitors can touch the old charm beautiful of the town by walking through its 100-year-old market in the middle of the town. Ang Sila is also well known for its granite products that range from giant rock sculpture to famous Thai kitchenware like mortars.
Si Chang island is a perfect getaway for travelers addicted to history and having fun. This tiny island has a population of only 500 people, mostly fishermen who practice the old way of life. There are beautiful resorts all over the islands with several beaches. Si Chang was the former location of Vimanmek Mansion, which is now at Dusit Palace in Bangkok.
This 200-meter long beach is situated close to the Sattahip deep-water port and attracts tourists who admire pristine beaches in serene settings. Located towards the end of the beach is the shrine of Kromluang Chumphonkhetudomsak, the Father of the Royal Thai Navy. The atmosphere is very peaceful with shadowy pine trees and rows of frangipani trees.