With a total area of 4,305 square kilometers, the land is mostly covered by forest and agriculture with para rubber as the important economic crop.
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This waterfall only has water in the rainy season, but visitors will find that this tranquil and shady setting is worth visiting with a valley taking on deep bottom where a waterfall flows down the valley. The waterfall itself is on a cliff about 50 meters high. Getting there, from Bung Khla district, drive onto Highway 212 for 24 kilometers to Ban Tha Dok Khlam; turn right to the dirt road to Huai Bang Bat and travel by boat to the waterfall.
Rooting from Isan dialect meaning isolated mountain, this sandstone range can be seen from a distance. Consisting of two hills, Phu Tok Yai and Phu Thok Noi, the area is dense with woods and wild life animals. With its tranquil setting, Phra Achan Chuan Kunlachettho, a meditation master, established a meditation place here. Phu Tok Noi also takes on Wat Chetiya Khiri Wihan, a starting point of a walk up to Phu Tok via wooden bridge through the mountains.
Located on the rock yard at the foothill, the temple is surrounded by enigmatic scenery of trees and a small stream nearby. The bell-shaped main hall stands on the great rock which serves as a viewpoint for Mekong River and also holds the Reclining Buddha, the image of the attitude of Nirvana, underneath.