The Thailand production services industry has been in the spotlight recently with such high-profile films as 'Lost in Thailand'.

The hit Chinese comedy film 'Lost in Thailand', which grossed over 2.25 million baht in its first week of release, has resulted in large numbers of tourists from China flocking to Thailand. Riding the popularity of the film, several travel agencies launched special tours to key locations featured in the movie, resulting in an increase in the numbers of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand of 5 percent over the same period the previous year. When Chinese tourists visit Thailand, it is common for them to take 'selfies' and share on their social media site. Soon, all their friends can follow their travels, which in turn helps boost tourism even more. This is a great example of the benefits that films shot in Thailand can bring, not only to the local film industry, but also to the tourism industry.

Moreover, as the member nations of ASEAN prepare for greater integration and co-operation, Thailand is strengthening links with its neighbors and looking to bolster the reputation of the ASEAN region as a great place to make movies.

The success and ambitions of Thailand's film community will be celebrated in June 2018:

Thailand International Film Destination Festival 2018.

Including a number of innovative and exciting programs:

Thailand Short Film Competition

This is a short film festival unlike any other. 100 participants from across the globe will be given the opportunity to come to Thailand and make a short film. They will be given return flights, hotel accommodation and a budget for their productions-as well as a chance to win total prizes of 570,000 Baht (approx USD 16,500). Film-makers from developed film industries will work alongside film-makers from developing countries, and will have an opportunity to share ideas and forge new friendships, as well as to experience the extraordinary Kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand On Screen

A series of screenings will show the diverse range of films that have been shot in Thailand, with guest appearances by some of the film-makers and crew.

The Awards Ceremony

This will be our opportunity to not only announce the winners of the Amazing Thailand Film Challenge, but also to thank and congratulate members of the local industry and international guests for their support and contribution to the Thailand film industry.