Countries all around the world have seen the benefits of developing a service industry for international film productions, and there is now significant competition to attract producers.

Thailand's success in this sector is due not only to the Kingdom's beautiful locations and skilled crews. It is also due to the hard work of the Department of Tourism, and Thailand Film Office (under the Department of Tourism) in supporting international productions and developing the local infrastructure.

The Department of Tourism and the Thailand Film Office are government agencies under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Their main duties are as follows:

1. Developing plans and measures to support related film services business in order to generate greater national income as well as to promote tourism, culture and arts in Thailand.

2. Consideration and approval of applications for location shot permits to foreign productions as well as monitoring film shoots to ensure that they do not adversely affect Thailandís image or damage its natural environment.

3. Coordinate with other government agencies concerned with film location shoots in order to facilitate the work of foreign film crews.

4. Act as Secretariat of the National Film Committee.

5. A member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) on national behalf.

6. Participating in international film festivals, markets and related events to promote Thailand as a filming location with the intent to provide information to film makers so they will see the advantages of using Thailand as a film location destination, as well as using locally available film production services, such as equipment hire, labs and local film crews.